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Discover How eSports and Gaming are Redefining Business, Careers, Education, and the Future

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The Future Is Now

Video games are more than interactive entertainment; they represent the future of work. Beyond the elite top players, every skillset and background imaginable is being put to use in this sector. The gaming industry is bursting with investment opportunities, emerging career paths, and innovation, and the growth of this revolutionary industry will continue to grow and make a lasting impression on all facets of our lives.

Investment expert Lucy Chow has selected 34 essays from thought leaders in the gaming industry. These curated perspectives of the global network of game-changing insiders provide a back-stage pass to the impact and future of gaming. This diverse group of corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and educators pull back the curtain, revealing the use of gaming in schools, the growing roles of women in the field, and innovative business opportunities. In building bridges among these, Chow welcomes you into a thriving community to discover a new area of opportunity for your own success.

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September 27, 2022


About the Editor

Lucy is focused on the innovation space, both in terms of supporting founders and as an investor. She is the Secretary General, WBAF Global Women Leaders Committee and General Partner, WBAF Angel Investment Fund. She is also an investor with NextWave Impact Fund, and The Founder Institute and an LP with numerous funds globally. She has a video series targeted at entrepreneurs titled “Down to Business.”

Lucy has garnered a strong reputation as someone who has helped build the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the UAE. She was named one of #LinkedInTopVoices 2020 for MENA and one of CEO Middle East’s Influential Women in the Arab World 2020. Recently recognized by Arabian Business as one of 50 Inspiring Female Business Leaders 2022 and also Titanium Magazine's Top 50 Global Inspirational Women to Look Out for in 2022.  Lucy contributes regularly to entrepreneurship, corporate innovation, and investor events and forums as a speaker, moderator and judge.

She sits on the Board of Trustees for The American School of Dubai, as well as the Solidarity Circle, UNHCR. She has been a contributing author for Life on the Move, an anthology of stories about expat life and The Possibilities Project: A Young Person’s Guide to Career Success. She is pleased to be an Ambassador for Women In Games (WIGJ) and a Steering Committee member of #2022FemaleAngels.  She has degrees from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management Northwestern University and HK University of Science &Technology and the University of British Columbia. A future focused thought leader. “Changing The Game: Discover How Esports and Gaming are Redefining Business, Careers, Education, and the Future,” is her first book.


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